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SynPat Introduces:

The online store for patent licenses.

SynPat sells high-quality licenses to high-impact patents - online.

SynPat's online store is open to all operating companies. Each license is offered at a fixed price - the same price for everyone, regardless of size, risk or exposure.

SynPat acquires patent portfolios from the best sellers, produces licenses and sells them on its store. 

Patent sellers now have an effective and reputable way to monetize their patents:

Seller's Return = Agreed Upfront Price + 1/3 of SynPat's Revenue

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In order to encourage early acquisitions of licenses, each license in the store is offered at three prices, depending on the time a customer buys its license:

    100 Days Max       |

           4 Months          |


How does SynPat Fund its Patent Acquisitions?

SynPat signs a purchase agreement with the seller, and in order to (1) validate the demand for the licenses, and to (2) make licenses as affordable as possible, SynPat offers all interested companies to equally share the cost of the portfolio, in exchange for a non-exclusive license.

License Cost Price = Seller's Upfront Price / Number of Participants

(Participants are also entitled to 1/3 of SynPat's Revenue)

Licenses for each portfolio in the store are always available at three prices:

Cost Price = Seller's Upfront Price / Number of Participants

Regular Price = 1.5 x Cost Price   (within the next 4 months)

Validated Price = 2 x Regular Price   (at any time thereafter)

Inside the SynPat store, licenses are organized in 12 market sectors, making it easy for customers to shop.

Customers may manage their own accounts and set their areas of interest, create wish-lists for future acquisitions, track licenses they purchased from SynPat and portfolios they sold to SynPat.

A Simple Example

SynPat executes a patent purchase agreement with a seller, under which the seller receives the agreed Upfront Price + 1/3 of all SynPat's revenue. SynPat offers all companies to equally participate in funding the Upfront Price in exchange for a non-exclusive license + 1/3 of all SynPat's revenue. 

This example assumes an addressable market of 10 licensees divided as follows: In first 100 days, 30% of the market (3 Participants) will share a $6M Upfront Price, each pays $2M. Within 4 months thereafter, 50% of the market (5 Regular Licensees) each of which will acquire a license at $3M. Thereafter, 20% of the market (2 Risk Averse Licensees) each of which will acquire a license at $6M. 

The total amount paid to Seller is $15M.

Seller's Simulator

In the simulator below, plug in the number of potential licensees covered by your patents, and then modify your asking price until the resulting Regular License Fee is reasonable taking into consideration the impact of your patents:

When you are ready to responsibly monetize your patents, you are welcome to visit our Vendors page at, or click the button below:

SynPat Introduces: The online store for patent licenses.